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Tallow balm
  • Tallow balm


    This all over whipped tallow balm is made with 100% Grass-fed beef tallow, extra virgin olive oil, and scented only with essential oils.

    There are various scents/styles to choose from- both the scent and the medicinal properties coming from different blends of essential oils. Choose which one suits you best!

    This is the perfect body butter to replace your current lotion. It lasts all day long, has no xenoestrogens to disrupt your hormonal balance such as parabens, pthalates, or fragrances, and is gentle and perfect for sensitive skin! 

    Can be used on babies and children, and is offered in an unscented version. It's great for eczema and other conditions, but if you want extra strength stuff, be sure and check out the eczema cream, 'Itch, please!"

    We have Rose, Lavender, Orange, Peppermint and unscented. 

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