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An underarm deodorant for the sensitive skin types out there! Or maybe you just want to ditch all the toxins and hormone disruptors found in regular deodorant/antipersperants! Look no further, this creamy smell stopping concotion works around the clock, without the rashes and burns that come with the others. 

In a healing base butter of Grass-fed tallow, Beeswax, Shea nut oil and Olive oil, Zinc oxide works  on killing any bacteria that may be causing the stank. Along side that, Arrowroot helps keep things dry, and diatamaceous earth and red clay keep it detoxifying those pits, for a combination of things that leave those pits off better than what you started with!

With the delightful essential oil blend, made from the highest quality organic and pure oils, it will be a breeze putting on, and a breeze to get through that nervewracking office interview, nervous-sweat-smell free! 

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  • Instructions

    The deodorant may melt during transit, upon arrival leave it upright for a few minutes in room temp to ensure solidification before opening. 

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