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Grass-fed Avocado 2oz
  • Grass-fed Avocado 2oz


    A most delightful, silky creamy body butter with all the benefits of grass-fed tallow, enhanced by avocado butter, a whipped cream made from avocado oil! Add a completely new sensation to your skin routine with this amazing texture filled with nourishment. Only scented with the highest quality essential oils, the smell will bring you on an olfactory vacation while lending protection to your skin and offering top-quality moisturization. Scented with blue tansy and citrus, the smell is cheery and uplifting. An aromatherapy delight that will bring feelings of joy, courage to face the day and a love for your skin that carries you safely through the day. Protect it with only the best! Also available in a vegan version. See Skin chocolate.

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