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I smell like beef. Do you?

Okay. First off, that's a joke.

Nobody is leaving here smelling like beef on my watch. Unless, of course, you want to.

However, our products are scented using only the best essential oils, so if fragrance was your worry- worry no more! You may think using tallow in skincare products as the main ingredient would leave you smelling less than fresh. I totally understand how one could come to that conclusion if you've never heard of this ancient traditional moisturizer!

Let me tell you, there are far worse things to be concerned about in modern day moisturizers.

Sure, it may be more convenient or cheap to buy store-bought lotions and creams, but that comes with a hefty price! Of course if you don't mind xenoestrogens messing with your hormones, causing stress to your cells, and adding cellulite to your body, you may skip this! Artificial fragrances, harsh emolients and preservatives aren't doing your innocent skin any favors either! Polyunsaturated fats also make up a large amount of commercial skincare products, and these are direct causes of skin damage, and allow further damage to be done by UV rays. The UV rays damage come when the skin is filled with polyunsaturated fatty acids (or PUFA's) that act as a catalyst for oxidation.

Going the traditional route- animal fat, allows us to bypass all those naughty ingredients and leave you with the purest and most effective moisturization you could find!

Being filled with saturated fat, tallow lends some UV protection, but its advised to avoid long hours during the hottest part of the day for the ultimate protection- without having to lather yourself in dangerous sunscreens. It's still nice to know that it's protective, though, and will keep you from burning much better than something made with soybean oil or other plant oils that go rancid as soon as they meet a hot Texas summer day! Tallow is filled with fat-soluable vitamins that are healing and protective as well. A, D, E and K, I'm sure you've seen them in your favorite high end skincare!

As we love to say here, nature knows best! Being that it's compatible with your skin, the moisture lasts all day without clogging your pores or leaving you greasy. This is a major win for those who just can't seem to stay moisturized for more than a few hours. No water is added and a little goes a long way.

We hope your mind has been put to ease and maybe even wonder by these small tidbits of information, and that it leads you to try this miracle skin worker for yourself!

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